Works As of 2020

 Re Released 2019 for its strong distinct sound, it has crossed regions in viral precedence. Available at apple music.

 Released 2015,, with a message that hit hard, "Saleem has traveled from universities of New Orleans, to Radio formats of North Carolina. Avaliable @spotify.

 Appearances.  Tours.

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 Appearances. Tours.


                                                                   COVID -19 ERA

-Featured appearances and exclusives at bms radio chicago

-Featured appearances at Allhits radi0 86.6 FM Canada

-Featured Appearances at H3 home of hip hop Ontario Canada

- Exclusives and interviews at DJ Cisco Radio Network 


-Launch of 'Ani' data Base for The city of Chicago Communities. April 2020.

 Current Itinerary 2020

- Exclusive Feature in London; Blunt radio until 4/11/20


-All Hits radio 86.6  Ontario, Canada 4/14/20 Single debut Feature


 "I’ve got a sample set of cuts from his upcoming record Rains: The Sion Collection, which comes out officially on August 20th – all-in-all, I’ve got about five & a half-minutes worth of singles here to discuss with ya.  When you have a listen for yourself, you’ll get much of what I’m tellin’ ya when I say that, for less than six-minutes in total, you’ll discover more happening here in these songs than you will on most full-albums by other artists & bands out there…and that’s assuming they got LUCKY.  These tracks from Zion are like songs that you can eat like a meal…he’s giving your brain plenty to chew on with endless strings of syllables & words flowing from the lefts to the rights for sure…but notice the art that comes along with the craft."

-Shewolf Magazine  

Available @Bandcamp

 Each single on SION​ (​Concrete) is unique to his life story as he describes a new scenario and theme on each song. There’s always something to look forward to with each new track that comes along. Listen to SION​ (​Concrete) right here on BANDCAMP!  Released 4/29/20