zion antoni.


 Publisher. Independent Recording Artist. Culturist. Theorist.

 You have arrived at the rest of Publisher/Independent Recording Artist zion antoni. A man that has relatively evolved in time, circumstance and demands.  Whatever occupation he served, and format the voice is one. Here is substantial info of one most conscious progressive voices, and independent creatives.  Shalom, concrete roots.


 Nu Single on radio and platforms: City Of God)

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_Man Is Born Of A Woman Ari Yusef 1 (onlArtist Name
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"Ani"(Beautifull) is a database based in Chicago of resources for families and single mothers with specific needs. Community based. A resourceful Backlink part of the House of Zion foundation, Founded by Independent Publisher/ Recording Artist

zion antoni. Launched Apr/2020

 Chicago and Philadelphia Based Foundation